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artcation 2021, Season 1

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

this year, let's creative be recreative: meet and interact with Cambodian artists while staying at countryside or seaside resorts.

Artists-in-residence share with guests their passion and their techniques, get involved in local community, and create artwork reflecting what the place inspires them.

Discover or learn more about the vibrant Cambodian art community while enjoying your getaway. Talks and workshops for all.

Season 1: 12-28 February, 2021. Dates and conditions to be announced by the respective resorts soon.

From North to South:

Teang Borin (DinArt)at Navutu Dreams Resort, Siem Reap Province

Reinventing the timeless Apsara figure

A certified architect, Din is now an internationally-acclaimed artist who creates modern abstract work focusing on unique traditional Khmer images.

He will show you in Angkor and surrounding temples how to capture details in ancient sculptures, and find their resonance in a modern visual language.


MB Baty & Sovan Philong at Le Relais de Chhlong, Kratie Province

Photography and Collective Mural Painting

Using both photography and painting, the artists will tell about her experience around Banteay Manchey schools, helping the students with other volunteers in creating frescoes and murals.

At the resort and in two schools nearby, MB and Philong will invite you to join the Tree of Life project: planting a tree and creating artwork expressing the beauty and strentgth of natural growth.


Leng Kimsreang(KS Blu)at Maisons Wat Kor, Battambang Province

Design on recycled supports

An artist-in-residence at 4 Rivers-Tatai in Dec. 2020, KimSreang loves to develop participative sessions working on collages made from existing waste paper, print magazines, and other recycled material.


Tan Vatey at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Koh Kong Province

Environment awareness through artwork

Initiator of the shared art space Ti Samjort, Vatey has already built-up a substantial experience in art installations and interaction with the public in Cambodia and abroad. For Europalia Indonesia in Brussels, her [re-enacting memories] exhibition with Sinta Wibowo was a co-creation in which artists and visitors designed the space in togetherness.

On the Tatai River, one of the most pristine natural areas in the Kingdom, she'll invite the resort guests and the communities nearby to join creative workshops exploring pyrography, ink, blind drawing and other forms of "poetic practice".


Hun Pen at Amber Kampot, Kampot Province

Initiation to Khmer classical dance and dance improvisation

A first-line dancer with the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, Pen specializes in southeast Asian performing arts studies, as well as classical and contemporary dance. As the Deputy Director of the Department of Performing Arts, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, she constantly develops teaching and rehearsing methods, while creating her own choreographies.

Pen will share the spirit and techniques of Khmer classical dance, and create a dance improvisation inspired by the resort and its natural environment. This unique performance video-recording will be screened at the May Artcation exhibition.


Neak Sophal at Knai Bang Chatt, Kep Province

Sharing the art of photographic composition One of the most promising Cambodian artists recognized on the international scene, Sophal has perfected the art of sharing her knowledge and sensitivy during the NomadiX campaign,in 2020.

With the experience of NomadiX, Sophal will encourage you to perfect the art of photo-portrait, and to realize vintage-looking photo prints with a special film processing technique.


Season 2 will feature, among other artists:

Sao Sreymao

With her paint-photo technique, Sreymao has explored for several years the life of the River people, and how unchecked urban expansion threatens the ancestral bound of Cambodians with water.

Srun Rida

Actively involved in art education for youngsters, Rida works also on printing techniques at Char Rufa Workshop, 3D design and large compositions involving kbach (Khmer design patterns). His residence will focus on the symbolic designs referring to Earth and Water in the Cambodian tradition.

Poum Measbandol

An architect by trade, Bandol has created striking visual series about architectural landmarks of Cambodia. Reflecting on the rapidly changing landscape of Cambodian cities, he will share his know-how in architectural imagery.

A group exhibition showcasing all artworks created during ARTCATION First Edition will be held at Factory Phnom Penh in November 2021.

Artistic Coordination: Anicca Foundation

Partnering Travel Agency: All Dreams Cambodia

Hotels and resorts willing to join, email us here. Artists ready to contribute, contact us here.

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