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Latest Exhibitions/Installations

- Daydream, Khmer Sense Gallery, Phnom Penh, Sept 2018

*Events supported or curated by

Anicca Foundation

SAO Sreymao



An independent artist, freelance comics illustrator and graphic designer, Sreymao graduated from Phare Ponleu Selapak School and completed the contemporary art class at Sa Sa Art Project.


Before moving to Phnom Penh in 2009, Sreymao travelled the country extensively, working in environment education with various NGOs in Siem Reap and Kratie. She said her experience in the different towns and cities of Cambodia highlighted just how fast Phnom Penh is changing and hoped its character can be preserved.

Using stock photography of the city and combining it with digital layering to put their own stamp on the cityscape, her work turns Phnom Penh into a surreal landscape, where the four arms of central market becomes the flowing hair of a woman poking her head out of the ground, while visions of a rarity of nature in the city, grass, sway gently in the sunset.

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