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The Time Credit Program for Cambodian Artists

Anicca Foundation, Cambodia’s Art hub,is launching the "Time Credit Program" from the proceeds of the auction of “War & Beauty” photo collection by David Feingold.

Solidarity in Covid-19 times

How does it work?

More than a typical "residence", Cambodian artists often need some time to develop a specific project, or research a theme they wish to work on, or complete an artwork series they had to put aside for some pressing matters.

Advised by international and local respected artists, Anicca Foundation will consider and eventually grant "time credits" in the form of financial support.

Send us a short description of your project here, with the estimated amount of time required for its completion.

All proceeds from War and Beauty Photography Online Auction, April 2020, will go to the Time Credit Program.

This project is in line with Anicca Foundation committment to

- promote contemporary art in Cambodia, from performance to visual and applied arts, encourage and sustain all forms of artistic creation expressing the Khmer spirit - contribute to the development of a global community of contemporary artists throughartists residencies in Cambodia. Let's be more and more creative!

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