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 anicca foundation

The Foundation strives to

- promote contemporary art in Cambodia, from performance to visual and applied arts, encourage and sustain all forms of artistic creation expressing the Khmer spirit

- facilitate technical resources, work and exhibition spaces to Cambodian artists, especially the younger ones, in order for them to explore new artistic avenues

- contribute to the development of a global community of contemporary artists through artists residencies in Cambodia

- circulate, publish and set in production the results of such artistic endeavors.

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 for arts' sake/thaddeus gallery

Siem Reap Art Hub for emerging Cambodian artists.


Cambodia is experiencing an ‘art renaissance’ with young innovative artists transcending traditional boundaries.


Our Tour for the Art Connoisseur offers visitors the opportunity to experience many of these shining lights.


Marina Pok, the creative director, is a passionate ambassador for Cambodian art and artists.

Anicca (Pali word for impermanence, evanescence), one of the three marks of existence in Buddhism.

“A Beginner’s mind is always very beautiful. We encourage them to become stronger”.

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