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'Rose de Bokor': Cambodian Royals on the Hill

Fifty years after the Late King Norodom Sihanouk and the Queen Mother of Cambodia Monineath starred in this haunting feature movie set on the top of Bokor Mountain, an exclusive screening -- and the Cambodian premiere -- in Siem Reap, from Nov 29, 2019.

A love story atop the emblematic Bokor Hill, "the Mountain of the Swirling Clouds"; King Sihanouk's personal take on the issue of national independence, post-colonialism and the cruelty of war: there is a lot to be found in "Rose de Bokor", a feature movie released in 1969 yet never publicly screened in Cambodia so far.

The film copy - the Khmer version and the Korean one, with English subtitles - were graciously provided to us by the Queen Mother of Cambodia, from Her Majesty's own personal collection.

Alongside the screening of this rare cinematographic gem at Anantara Angkor Resort, Anicca Foundation is proud and happy to offer you "Swirling Clouds", a Vintage Photo & Documents Exhibition dedicated to the mountain towering above the Kampot Bay, a sought-after touristic destination in the first half of the 20th Century, and a magical nature sanctuary which the King Father of Cambodia dearly held dear in his heart.

To this historical evocation, we are delighted to add several photographs by Chan Vitharin, Professor at tbe Royal University of FIne Arts. They stunningly reflect the Bokor's timeless, poetic mystery, and why it still captivates the fascination of all, Khmer citizens as well as international visitors.

'Rose de Bokor' screenings: 29 November, 7 December, 24 December and 31 December 2019 at 7.30pm
'Swirling Clouds' exhibition: from 29 Nov 2019 till 1st January 2020

Anantara Angkor Resort, Siem Reap. Inquiries:+855 639 66 788 or email.

You can order the Event Catalog with a special message from H.H. The Queen Mother of Cambodia, the original synopsis of the movie and more by emailing us.

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