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Khmer Arts Tour in Cambodia

Visual or performing arts: the Discovery Tour crafted by Anicca Foundation for 700,000 Hours remains available for discerning visitors.

Reviewing the "unique experience of 700,000 Hours roving hotel" around the world, Surface Magazine marvels at the richness of the cultural offering during its Cambodian edition, held November 2018- May 2019:

“The journey Thierry has created is truly special, leading guests from the ancient Khmer heritage into our vibrant contemporary cultural revival through an array of visual arts,” says Marina Pok, creative director founder of Anicca Foundation and local partner in 700’000 heures Cambodia. She points to the itinerary, which includes visits to see Khmer women crocheting dresses that will sashay down runways in Bangkok and Dakar, then sell in Paris on the rue Dauphine; the private performance by New Cambodian Artists, a troupe of young women that put a contemporary spin on royal Apsara dance; and sojourn in Battambang to meet the artists of Loeum Lorn Gallery and share an apéro at chez Srey Bandaul, the founder of Phare School of Visual and Applied Arts.

We'll be happy to share that same experience with you. Please just email us for setting up a private tour.

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