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Happy and Creative New Year!

Anicca Foundation extends our best wishes to all artists and art lovers with a reminder of the one exhibition overlapping 2021-2022, In Focus by photographer La Mo, at The Gallery Sofitel Phnom Penh until Jan. 30, 2022.

It has been trying times for all of us, and especially for the creative community, with display and event venues closed or restricted due to the pandemy.

In spite of a dire context, we managed to follow on with our activities in supporting Cambodian emerging and confirmed artists, making sure their work would not be forgotten in the country and abroad (for instance at The Compiegne Festival of Sacred Arts), and joining cultural events such as, in December, the Diwali celebration in Phnom Penh with the Culinary Journey From India To Cambodia Dinner.

To end up the year on a creative and energetic note, we offer here a throwback to Cambodian photographer La Mo's exhibition, one of the first to be held in the wake of the social reopening of the country,and one that vividly expresses the artistic vibrancy of Cambodia. Happy and Creative New Year!

These behind-the-scene photos by Bun Chan reminds us that behind the personal expression of the artist, an intense and minutious teamwork is always required.

In Focus Exhibition at The Gallery, Sofitel Phnom Penh, until 30 January 2022.

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