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WaterShed - PHE Sophon

Reminder: Exhibition opening at Mémoire Palace Resort, Siem Reap, September 29, 2018, from 6 pm. Drinks and refreshments.

Water is life, yet we are drowning under plastic containers. Rain drops fertilize the earth, yet they suggest tears of sorrow when we consider man-made devastation.

Cambodian visual artist PHE Sophon keeps exploring this duality with his floating structures made of plastic bottles, his graceful and challenging mobiles.

This is the first edition of the FOR ART´S SAKE @ MEMOIRE PALACE series, a cycle of art shows of emerging Khmer artists set in this new Siem Reap resort where visual art lives through rooms and hallways, a subtle inspiration for its guests.

Over the past decade, PHE Sophon (Kompong Thom, 1983) has displayed his creations in Hong Kong and the USA (2006), Phnom Penh (2007), Shanghai (2008), Tokyo and France (2009). In 2017, he exhibited at the Asia Fundation Community Art Gallery and, earlier this year, on the grounds of Phnom Penh French Embassy. Sophon focuses on experimental forms of painting, sculpture and installation pieces.

(Photos Marcel Zarca and FAS)

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