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CNA Dancers in Battambang

Nilai, Soeng Va and Mico are dancers with New Cambodian Artists in Siem Reap. Hailing from Battambang, they longed to go back to their hometown for a visit, and to get together with Phare Performance Art Theater artists for Phare's 25th Anniversary celebrations. With Sreyneang, CNA Ballet Director, Anicca Foundation took the three young dancers to a short tour of the Battambang cultural scene.

And there was much to see. The Battambang National Museum, for instance, is a precious and quiet building replete with Angkorian art in great state of conservation, statues and lintels brought from local temples.

NCA dancers have been busy traveling, recently: Phnom Penh, Thailand...In Battambang, as they always do, they paid visits to local artists and galleries such as Tep Kao Sol Gallery. Performing and Visual Arts reunion! Here below at Kchaoh Touch's Lotus Gallery exhibition, and getting inspired by Lorn Loeurn's artwork:

The trio also held workshops for primary and secondary school students, and improvised a joint performance with Phare Circus artists. Some creative, busy and happy trip!

From one of NCA's latest choreographies, Growing Up in Public

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