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Artcation 2022: Transcending The New Normal

The first edition of Artcation 2022 invites you to meet and interact with artist Khchao Touch at Navutu Resort, Siem Reap (18-20 Feb.)

After some tough pandemic times that Cambodia has weathered rather well, we resume our program of artist residences in outstanding hotels and resorts with an edition under the sign of serenity,the pursuit of inner balance and a more meaningful interrelation between connection between us.

Battambang-born Khchao Touch embraced visual arts after a Vipassana (silent meditation) retreat. Reaching a more spiritual level in daily life can be a source of joy, not gloom, and her sharing of her artistic techniques will find an ideal setting at Navutu, a Siem Reap Resort specializing in wellness retreats.

Touch is fond of guiding kids in their first creative steps, yet her patience and communicative smile is also doing wonders with adults willing to awake the artist in themselves.

Join the first Artcation 2022 edition at Navutu Dreams Resort.

Launched in November 2010, Artcation is a program by Anicca Foundation with the support of fine hotels and resorts around Cambodia. See previous editions here.

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