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Artcation 2021, Season 1: Creativity All Around Cambodia

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As diverse and stimulating as the Cambodian provinces, the first series of our Artcation artists-in-residence in fine resorts has seen creativity and community involvement blossom across the country.

While founding new inspiration and peace of mind in stimulating surroundings, the Artcation artists interacted with local schools and pagodas, guiding younger generations along the path to discover their own creativity.

Even if the latest pandemic alerts impacted traveling and vacations plans in February, guests at the different resorts have been eager to join in relaxed workshops and to learn more about the emerging artist scene in Cambodia.

Teang Borin (DinArt)at Navutu Dreams Resort, Siem Reap

Making-of a new Apsara at Navutu Resort

MB Baty (with Sovan Philong at Le Relais de Chhlong, Kratie Province

Rediscovering the Big River, interacting with local students at Le Relais.

Leng Kimsreang(KS Blu)at Maisons Wat Kor, Battambang

Creating on recycled paper in an enchanting place, Maisons Wat Kor.

Tan Vatey at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Koh Kong Province

Natural wonders of the Tatai Rivers, art impulse at 4 Rivers Lodge.

Neak Sophal at Knai Bang Chatt, Kep Province

Inspirational photographic workshop by the ocean at Knai Bang Chatt Resort.

Echoes from Artcation Season 1 in Khmer Times, WhatsOnPhnomPenh,Cambodge Mag, Le Petit Journal.

Our warmest thanks to all participating artists and resorts, local institutions, and to All Dreams Cambodia and La Conciergerie.

See you soon for Artcation 2021 Season 2!

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