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Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Watershed, the first major exhibition of contemporary art at Memoire Palace Resort, sends a powerful message in phase with the hotel policy: our planet is fragile, we have to protect it with beauty and eco-awareness.

Giant raindrops, forms inspired by Khmer mythology such as the morokot (Apsara tiara), gracefully float through the elegant lobby and the harmonious patios of this new Siem Reap high-end hotel. They're all made from plastic bottles, a reminder that it is due time to create beauty out of unconsidered, harmful use of modern technology.

With artist Phe Sophon, curator Marina Bopha, General Manager Nguon Venchhay and the Memoire team in attendance, the opening ceremony of this first edition of For Arts'Sake @ Memoire Palace attracted many Siem Reap art lovers and environmentalists.

It is not that often that the message artists want to convey completely fit with the philosophy and actions of a hospitality destination. In this case, the committment is one hundred per cent shared : not only Memoire Palace joins all the major initiatives for a better environment (like Environment Day last July) but plastic has been effectively banned around the whole resort, from water bottles to amenities wrappings to drink straws.

An ongoing campaign is also collecting clothing and other daily life necessities for a village north of Angkor.

See more about the Watershed Exhibition Opening here and here

To add wellness to a better living environment, Memoire Palace Resort is opening next month a vast spa and a yoga center. More information.
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