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700,000 Hours, Ages of Art

Cambodian creativity in so many facets: we helped guests of the "first wandering hotel in the world" in discovering what is making the Khmer creative clock tick.

700 000 heures is a truly unique offer in modern travel: guests are invited to immerse themselves in the spirit and soulf of the land they're visiting, living in traditional houses that have been prepared for them, and not only admiring from afar the artfulness of its people but actually meeting with the artists, joining workshops and rehearsals.

For the 2018-2019 "Angkor" edition of this atypical wandering, Thierry Tessier, 700,000 Hours founder-wizard,has asked us to organize such a discovery. Art in its many forms, from culinary wonders to fashion design, from visual to performing arts, from local architecture to craftsmanship. The essence of nowadays Cambodia, complementing and enhancing the treasures of the Ancient Khmer civilization.

Chef Mengly at Pou Cuisine, table setting, rattan baskets by Phare School of Art-Battambang, Thang Sothea exhibition at Treeline Hotel-Siem Reap, Theam Art House.

Among the diverse talents and art venues showcased to 700,000 Hours guests, we'll mention Svay Sareth and Maline Yim at Galerie Batia Sarem, the Warp Studio, Garden of Desire Studio by Ly Piseth,

Pich Sopheap and Thang Sothea art show at Treeline Urban Resort, Haute Texture showroom by Eric Raisina, the Sraa Srang Traditional House, Theam House, Srey Bandau Atelier and Sangker Gallery in Battambang and, for performing arts, New Cambodian Artists or Sacred Dancers of Angkor.

Batia Sarem Gallery, Sraa Srang House, Ly Piseth silver design, Cambodian New Artists, Apsara Makot (Tiara)and performers from Sacred Dancers of Angkor.

In closing, we'd like to thank again the many artists, performers, artisans, designers and culinary chefs for sharing their passion and talent, and all the 700,000 Hours guests for their enthusiasm in joining this journey through the heart of Cambodia.

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